Awarding of the Grodno region enterprises – winners of the “Best Exporter of 2019″ National Contest

13 October 2020

Grodno hosted the awarding ceremony for the enterprises of the region that have become laureates of the “Best Exporter of 2019″ National Contest.

The contest, held annually by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with the Ministries of Architecture and Construction, Health, Foreign Affairs, Forestry, Industry, Agriculture and Food, Transport and Communications, Economy, State Military Industrial Committee, Belarusian State Concern of Food Industry, Belarusian Production and Trade Concern of Timber, Woodworking and Pulp and Paper Industry, Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry, Regional Executive Committees, as well as other state bodies, organizations and business unions, was summed up in April 2020. 22 winners were determined, and 21 enterprises became diploma holders.

Traditionally, the contest laureates were awarded at the solemn ceremony arranged by the BelCCI in the Palace of the Republic, Minsk. This year, the epidemiological situation made it impossible to hold the ceremony in the traditional format. Therefore, the organizing committee has decided to hold separate awarding ceremonies in each region of the country.

The Grodno region was the first one to host such a ceremony. Five enterprises of this region have become the “Best Exporter of 2019″ laureates, such as:

Grodno Meat Packing Plant – the winner in the category “Meat Industry”;

Lida Milk Plant – the winner in the category “Dairy Industry”;

Conte Spa JLLC – the winner in the category “Light Industry”;

Grodno State Medical University – the winner in the category “Education”;

Radiovolna OJSC – diploma holder in the category “Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking”.

Attending the ceremony were the BelCCI Chairman Vladimir Ulakhovich and Deputy Chairman of the Grodno Region Executive Committee Vitaly Nevera.

“The title of the Best Exporter of the Year is the objective assessment of the region’s enterprises’ achievements. Furthermore, the Grodno enterprises have become winners in some most prestigious categories. When evaluating the companies’ export activities, the jury proceeded from four main criteria, such as the total volume of exports and the volume of exports per employee, the foreign trade balance of the enterprise and the exports growth rate. Besides, all the winners have advanced in entering new markets, promoting Belarusian goods to new countries,” Vladimir Ulakhovich said. He emphasized that today Belarus exports about 70 percent of the products manufactured and maintains trade relations with 180 countries.

Vitaly Nevera, Deputy Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee mentioned: “This is a prestigious award.  Every year we notice the growing interest of our organizations in expanding the geography of supplies, diversifying exports, improving the quality and expanding the range of export.” He said that the region’s exporters are working effectively this year as well. In particular, the region’s export volumes have increased by 17 percent compared to the same period in 2019.