07 september 2020

The Presidium of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has appointed Mr. David Figueras the BelCCI representative in the Kingdom of Spain.

David Figueras is a lawyer, Master in Corporate Law, Master in Tax Law and MBA. He is specialized in international advice, blockchain technology and machine learning in its application to the law world. Mr. Figueras is the CEO of SF Group, represented in Spain, Armenia, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, and the CEO of Milcontratos, the leading legaltech in Spain. He is a prominent member of the business community of Catalonia, being a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Barcelona, the Legal Commission, Commission of Infrastructure and Digital Commission of the Association of Employers of Spain, has cooperated with the Association of Catalan employers of medium and small companies, PIMEC, where his company created a complete legal system for the members using the artificial intelligence.

Mr. Figueras has shown himself as a strong professional in such fields as internalization (his team of employees speak more than 7 languages, including Russian, and represent more than 5 countries), innovation, digital development, new technologies, and more.

BelCCI representatives are individuals that are not employed by the BelCCI and instructed to act voluntarily in the interests of the BelCCI.

The main tasks of BelCCI representatives are as follows:

  • to support the creation of favorable conditions for the export of Belarusian goods and services within the country of residence;
  • to assist the Belarusian business entities (members of the BelCCI) in conducting foreign trade operations and the developing of new trade and economic cooperation models;
  • to promote the establishment and development of business contacts between the BelCCI and chambers of commerce and industry, government bodies, businesses and non-profit organizations and other partner organizations of the country of residence in the field of foreign trade, as well as to attract foreign investment into the economy of the Republic of Belarus;

to represent the interests of the BelCCI and member enterprises in the country of residence.