Business reference letter about economic entities of the Republic of Belarus

Unitary enterprise “Grodno branch of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry” offers to economic entities of your region to use the service for verification of reliability of partners-economic entities of the Republic of Belarus with the subsequent issuance of a business reference letter.

A business reference letter – is an objective representation of information about the economic entities of the Republic of Belarus, actual data about registration, current state of the economic entities, concentrated information about their field of business activities, as well as other information, characterizing these companies (existence of any delays in payments, number of employees, etc.), financial information of joint-stock companies and public corporations (balance sheets, profit and loss statements, etc.), obtained from reliable and credible sources.

Content of a standard business reference letter:

– Name of a company

– Changes of the name

– Organizational and legal form

– Changes of organizational or legal form

– Legal address, history of changes

– Actual address

– Contact information

– Tax payer code, tax authority

– Date of creation

– Decision on registration

– Changes of registration documents

– Current status

– Founders, history of changes

– Shares of founders (%)

– Amount of authorized capital

– Management, history of changes

– Types of activity

– Branches and subdivisions

– Number of personnel

– Additional information (shopping sites, trademarks, etc.)

– Presence in the “Register of organizations with increased risk of possible violations in the economic sphere»

– Existence of any delays in payments to the budget

– Existence of any delays in payment of salaries

– Existence of any delays in payments of social insurances

– Financial indicators (only regarding the Open joint-stock companies)

– Balance sheet, profit and loss statement


Content of the extended business reference letter:

Information indicated in the standard business reference letter and additionally:

– Associated (affiliated) companies through management and economic entity.


Information on vetting of possible partners can be obtained by phone/fax: + 375 (152) 77 12 54, e-mail: